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Aquamentus is a green dragon with a unicorn horn on its head mid-boss that appears in the Zeldabobo level.


Aquamentus appears as the Boss of Level-1 and Level-7 of the First Quest as well as Level-1 of the Second Quest in the original The Legend of Zelda. It guards a fragment of the Triforce of Wisdom. Aquamentus also appears in Level-4 and Level-8 of the Second Quest.

Aquamentus slowly walks back and forth and periodically shoots a group of three fireballs out of its mouth. Link can block the fireballs with a Magical Shield. Link can damage an Aquamentus with his Sword or Bombs, but can also attack from a distance by throwing his Sword, shooting the Bow and Arrow or using the Magical Rod. Aquamentus cannot be stunned by the Boomerang and is invulnerable to Fire. When it is defeated, a Heart container will appear and Aquamentus may drop either a Heart, a Fairy, or one Rupee

In The Game

Aquamentus appears in one room, guarding a locked door of the Old Man boss room, which is next two lava lakes. The dragon fires beam circles, and Abobo can defeat the boss with his sword or beef. Killing the dragon, you can get the "Die Dragon Die" medal/achievement, however skipping/not killing the mid-boss, you would get the "Sneaky" medal instead.