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Aboboy is the deuteragonist of the game Abobo's Big Adventure. He is kidnapped by Little Mac and he is the son of Abobo.


While Aboboy is a original character in Abobo's Big Adventure, Aboboy's design is taken from is based on Rajiv (the captain of Team India) from Technos' Super Dodge Ball. Rajiv was the strongest captain of the strongest team in the game, the different between Aboboy and him are that is that his skin is recolored, replace his team outfit with small blue shorts and he is wearing the same pink slippers.


Double Drabobo

In the street, he was beat and kidnapped by Scut Farkus and Little Mac's goons.


After Mac's death, Aboboy is rescued by Abobo and they massacred people.

Aboboy's Small Adventure

He has his own game. In Aboboy's Small Adventure, Aboboy can defeat enemies in a local amusement park such as children, other people such as parents, cops, robots, dinosaurs, squid, and UFOs by hugging them to death.

Personality - Appearance

Despite his age, he is very strong. He is similar to Abobo, like his little version.

Prominent Victims