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Abobo is the main protagonist of the free-run flash game, Abobo's Big Adventure. He has a son, named Aboboy, who has been captured by Little Mac's guys. His goal is to take his son from them.


He originally appears in the arcade version of the game series, Double Dragon and in other games of the series as a boss.


When Aboboy is kidnapped by goons, Abobo went mad and began to a journey to rescue his son.

Double Drabobo

Abobo is first appears in the Double Drabobo level, counterpart of a Double Dragon level. He stalks the enemies and eventually fights with Shooter Gavin and defeats him.

Super Mabobo

After Gavin's death, Abobo fell into a toilet and he enters it and came to sea from Super Mario Bros. He encounters and defeats many enemies and bosses, like Bubble Man, Karnov, Jaws, Mecha Fish etc. Later kills the boss, Big Daddy.

And, In this stage, Abobo meets Annie. Abobo can eat or hit Annie, or mate with her or vomit her aquarium. If Abobo mates with her, he will have three mermaid children.

Urban Chabobo

After the death of Big Daddy, he enters a pipe and fights with Urban Champ. He can kill or spare him.


He enters the sewage and came to a dick shaped The Legend of Zelda dungeon. He defeats many enemies and the Old Man. Later he encounters Zelda and kills her.

He encounters a disguised Amazon, he thought he was Aboboy and Amazon escaped with his jetpack. Later, Abobo inflated the balloons and chased him.

Pro Wrabobo

Abobo chased Amazon, he encounters many enemies like Balloon Fighter. Later, Amazon's fuel ran out and fell into the ring. Later they fought and Aboboy starts a rage and summons the wrestlers. Later, they beat Amazon and Abobo destroyed the arena and Amazon impaled by spikes and died.

Mega Mabobo

After Amazon's death, he came to the Mega Man level and he encounters and fights with Robobobo, his imitation robot.

Later, he learns where Abobo is, he is in Jungle from Contra.


He fights with zombies, robots, Robocop, Jason etc. enemies. Later, he encounters Krang and defeated him. Kirby comes and inhales Krang and controls his robot. Abobo destroyed the Kirby-Krang combination (Krangby). Kirby survived and flew.

Later, he came to Waterfall and defeats the enemies. Later, he encounters Gromaides, but Kirby inhales it and Kirby turned into a giant Kirby. Later Abobo defeats him and Kirby puked all characters that inhaled by Kirby. Later, Kirby exploded and Abobo encounters Doc Louis. Later, Doc Louis says where Aboboy is, he is kidnapped by Little Mac.

Later, Doc Louis trained Abobo.


Abobo starts to fight with Little Mac. Abobo defeats him two times and Little Mac turns into Big Mac. Abobo defeats him and decapitates him with gloves.

Later, he finally finds his son, frees him, and gives him a hug.

The audience cheers for Abobo with balloons flying up. Suddenly, they start a massacre.

Later, it is confirmed it is all a dream.

Also, Abobo is a palette swap of Bald Bull and Mr. Sandman from the original Punch-Out!! NES game (He is mainly Bald Bull because his final attack is similar to Bald Bull’s Bull Charge)


Abobo is a character of low intelligence. In some levels, like Zeldabobo, he makes mistakes (like eating the Triforce). Abobo is violent and hot-tempered. He will destroy anything and everything that stands in his way, even if the character is there to aid him or to cheer him on.

However, deep down, Abobo is well-meaning and tries to do what’s right.

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